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Look to capture both the danger and excitement of your favorite sport or extreme activity with a WFO Model.

Each prototype can take 100 or more hours of meticulous craftsmanship to prepare for shipment to the factory for pre-production design and dis-assembly in preparation for casting. The first castings are then checked for authenticity against the original model, and then painted in a variety of designs and colours for final approval by Alwyn Gill. Only then is a model deemed good enough to become part of the expanding collectible range that is WFO.

Coming soon:

Late 2016
Firefighter | Jet ski | Skier | Snowboarder

Early 2017
Bull rider | Bronc rider | Quad bike | Modern motorcycle road racer | Vintage motorcycle road racer | Go-kart | Classic 60s motorcycle road racer | Winged outlaw dirt track car | Canadian Curlers

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Look to capture both the danger and excitement of your favorite sport or extreme activity with a WFO Limited Edition Model. All WFO models are hand-made and hand painted, and include a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity in a beautiful Collector package. Make your WFO Model even more personal by customizing it with the included miniature decal sheet – add your racing numbers, sponsors decals, or brand name to any of the WFO ‘Racing’ series models.

Winter Sports

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Winter time in the frozen north is very special in its own way....the crunch of snow on a cold day when the air is almost cold enough to cut with a knife is a very special feeling generally unknown to those from warmer climates. Add in a made-in-Canada solution to transportation and fun, and it doesn't get much better than this for blindingly fast spectacular action. The WFO snowmobile model is based on an older style two stroke machine with fat expansion chamber exiting under the left hand side, and independent front suspension handled by massive spring-over gas shocks.

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The Calgary Rodeo Series

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We gave the animal and riders names that had special significance to me for many reasons - Ned Kelly, a famous Bush Ranger, is an obvious one since he's Australian and considering the number of great Aussie rodeo cowboys who made a dramatic impact on the sport in North America. The riders name is Ty Hardin - again, that seemed like a great name for a cowboy. Watch for some beautiful WFO rodeo animals and stars to be unveiled into 2016, in anticipation of a boxed set of four to be ready for the 2017 Calgary Stampede.

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