Vintage 500 Classic Hagon/Godden Dirt Tracker DISCONTINUED


NOW IN PRE-PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT – DUE MID 2016. This model will also be available in Hagon blue.

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Shown is the Chris Watson endorsed Godden Classic Dirt Tracker in Chris’ famous #30 red, white and black Tycon livery.

Grass Track, Long Track and Classic Dirt Track are practiced mainly in Europe and Australia. The bikes were originally vintage 4 stroke motocrossers and road bikes which were adapted to the smooth, jump-free tracks which started out as speedways, to which at least one right-hand corner was added. Later the sport was dominated by Hagon and Godden-framed specialized bikes which usually featured a speedway engine, but with 2-4 gears, rudimentary suspension, and front and rear brakes. Fueled by methanol, and with 60+ horsepower in a bike weighting about 200 lbs, it always made for an exciting ride. Enjoy your ‘ride’ on your WFO classic model.

WFO is also working on a Herbie Jefferson original Hagon 350 model, due late in 2016.

Every WFO model comes with a sheet of 1/8 scale decals to allow you to personalize your model, by adding your own racing numbers (or those of your favourite rider) and specific decals for sponsors or brand name products.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 8 x 7 in