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Two Stroke Motocross Bike MID-70’S -WFO.VMX2 RUNOUT STOCK AT $25.00 PLUS SHIPPING


This bike will be produced with a blue rider’s shirt and yellow number plate backgrounds.Available in red, yellow, Elsinore silver and green. You can make a Roger D replica in Suzuki Yellow of course, or customize with your own numbers and sponsor decals.

All prices are in USD.


All other duties and taxes as applicable.


Product Description

This is the bike that led the Japanese invasion of motocross in the late ’60’s. Well back in last Century, before cell-phones, flat screen TV, U tube and eBay…….

This bike was inspired by seeing Roger DeCoster in Sydney, Australia around 1972 when a Tour was put together to bring the Euro stars to show the locals how it was done on a MX track. My most vivid memory of that event was watching Roger DeCoster and Joel Robert on the factory Suzukis lay waste to everyone – not just the other Euros, but the poor local riders who didn’t stand a chance. That the Suzi’s were built like tiny little fragile bicycles with an explosive engine made them even more special to watch in the hands of two of the greatest riders of all time. Enjoy this model, and dream of emulating Roger D as you pull the holeshot and ride the back wheel to the first corner, already with a ten yard lead. Raw unvarnished 2 stroke horsepower…….

Add Honda decals and you have a 250 Elsinore.

Every WFO model comes with a sheet of 1/8 scale decals to allow you to personalize your model, by adding your own racing numbers (or those of your favourite rider) and specific decals for sponsors or brand name products.


Additional Information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 8 x 6 in

green, red, silver, yellow