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The kit comes complete and ready to assemble. It is shipped flat-packed to reduce postage. Assembly requires simple hand tools and a source of heat if you choose to adjust various parts to give the model a more realistic appearance. I have even added footpegs and handlebar grips to the version I have sitting in my family room.

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You can almost hear the phut-phut of the single cylinder belt drive engine as it gently rolls through the hills and dales of its homeland. Stop on the side of the narrow lane and lean the bike against a stone wall, while you open the lid of the leather box behind the seat and take out your cucumber sandwich to enjoy with the mug of tea from your backpack thermos. Hop back on and push off down the hill, gather a little speed, release the valve lifter, and your WFO Classic Iron model gently clatters into life.Please note that the production model has the centre stand cut as part of the lower cradle. It is not a separate item and requires no assembly.

The model is 12” long and quite well detailed. Cut from 1/8” steel plate, with centre stand and metal connectors. This beautiful and unique 3D WFO model will present an unusual and dramatic talking point for your office, workshop or family/games room. Put it in your trophy cabinet or model display unit, and enjoy the unique 3D look of a ’20s flat-tanker in solid steel. Fabricated from three sheets of 1/8” steel plate. Approximately 12”/30cm long and 8”/20cm high.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 8 x 1 in