About WFO Models


Alwyn meeting Sir Jackie Stewart at the Isle of Man TT motorcycle races in 2012

WFO (“Wofo” meaning “wound full on”) Limited Edition Model Company recently sprung out of the fertile (and some would say, twisted) mind of Alwyn Gill, an Australian-born motorcycle racer and creative thinker who decided that there weren’t any styles of motorcycle model products on the market that satisfied his need to show the lighter side of motorcycling and other extreme sports.

Alwyn is a former motorcycle racer with a particular passion for Australian-style dirt track and speedway racing, but his interests also extend to solo and sidecar ice racing, Isle of Man Classic road racing, motocross, and pretty much anything with two wheels – or three or four for that matter.

The tag-line for the company is “110% extreme models”, which clearly typifies the right-at-the-limit-and-beyond mindset of those who race motorcycles and pursue other extreme activities, either for a living or just for the adrenaline rush and danger – including collecting rare limited edition motorcycle models.


Phil Drummond #02, Alwyn Gill #404, Eric Cork #27 and Johnnie Henderson #114 at Greenhill Speedway, Kempsey, NSW, Australia in 1977

Phil Drummond #02, Alwyn Gill #404, Eric Cork #27, and Johnnie Henderson #114 at Greenhill Speedway, Kempsey, NSW, Australia in 1977.



Alwyn racing Vets motocross in Alberta Canada

Alwyn racing Vets motocross in Alberta, Canada.


Flood bound in Grafton Australia...no he didn't save it!

Flood bound in Grafton, Australia… No, he didn’t save it!


The story behind WFO Motorcycle Models
Alwyn has many ‘standard’ self-assemble models in his extensive collection, including a number of 30 year old Tamiya ones, such as an original CB750 Honda 4 and a BMW flat twin. He also has a number of smaller scale Protar ‘60s road racers, including a Hailwood 250cc Honda 6. His favourite, though, is a Tamiya Tyrell 6-wheeler Formula 1 car painted in classic team dark blue. It is inch-perfect in every respect.

While these standard technical models provided considerable inspiration for the WFO models, it was Alwyn’s complete lack of skills and technical ability that forced him to build models that were caricatures of the real thing! Hence the out-of-shape, not-quite-in-touch-with-reality style was borne. At the same time, Alwyn will also acknowledge that one of his all-time inspirations for his creations is the Australian cartoonist Roger Harvey.

The WFO model concept came about while holed-up in Edmonton, Canada during one of their typical miserable eight-month-long winters. Alwyn got to thinking that surely other like-minded enthusiasts wanted something to remember their glory days on two wheels, or three or four – whether as a fifth-tier amateur motocrosser, or a pro dirt track star, or even a World Champion speedway rider. Very quickly, a series of models was underway, and the ideas list just kept growing and growing into the range of unique and special WFO models you will see when looking through this website.

Enjoy the WFO product range and order your favourite model now.